Thursday, 2 October 2008

Spooktacular - Halloween - Cupcakes

Hubble bubble toil and trouble.......

Halloween is celebrated on the 31st October night and it’s an old festival which dates back to the ancient Celtics of Ireland, United Kingdom and Northern France. It was believed by the Celts on the Hallowe’en Eve, the living and the dead would mingle together on earth. Bringing festivities forward too today activities include, bobbing apples, trick or treat, carving jack- o- lanterns, ghost stories and spooky films to scare you witless and costume parties with spooky food etc.

For this month’s bake here at S&SB, we thought it would be in seasonal keeping putting our creative sides to work in baking up a storm of Spooktacular - Halloween -Cupcakes.

Here is where the fun begins for all us S&SB bakers; use the cupcake sponge recipe and then create your own design of toppings and decorations to make your cupcakes as spooky as you dare! There is no limit of what you desire to cover your cupcakes in be it buttercream, fondant icing etc, spooky decorations and colours, let your creative imagination juices flow into the greatest spooktacular cupcakes ever – we dare you to scare us here at S&SB with your cupcake creations!!!!!

The recipe can be found here.

If you have any questions or queries, please leave a comment under the recipe. Maria and I will endeavour to reply as soon as possible.

If you are a food blogger, we ask that you kindly write a post about your bake and link back to us @ Sweet and Simple Bakes. Let us know that you completed the bake and we'll list all the blogs that accomplished the bake. If you don't have a food blog and care to share how it went, feel free to contact us at sweet2simple[at]googlemail[dot]com

The posting date for Spooktacular - Halloween Cupcakes is the 1st November.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone’s entry and hopefully for another magnificent round-up!

Happy fang-tastic baking Everyone!

Rosie & Maria xx


Maria said...

Rosie these are spooktacular!!! This is going to be a fun month at Sweet and Simple Bakes and I for one can't wait to make my Halloween themed cupcakes ;o)


Rosie said...

Awe thanks Maria. I do hope everyone will enjoy and join in with our spooktacular cupcakes :)

Rosie x

Nickki said...

Rosie they look so great!

I can't wait to make the halloween cupcakes! :)

Ivy said...

Who doesn't like cupcakes? Thanks for the lovely theme and shall try to find something to spook you with. BTW do I have to post on the 1st of November?

Arundathi said...

oooh - this is scary! :) never tried fondant or decorating of any kind! :S

i hope the cupcakes will look scary (in a good way!)

giz said...

What great fun - I'm so sorry that the reveal date conflicts with Recipes to Rival

Rosie said...

Hi Nickki, great news pleased you like the fun theme this month :)

Hi Ivy, Oh yes the more spooktacular the better :) It would be great if you could manage to post on the 1st sweetie.

Hi Arundathi, you can cover your cupcakes in anything you care to use e.g. butter icing - glaze icing, chocolate etc you don't have to use fondant icing and the decoration is entirely up to you :)

Hi Giz, oh what a pity reveal date conflicts. You'll be sadly missed in our bake this month but hopefully you will be able to join us the next time? :)

Best wishes Rosie x

Jennifer said...

What a cool idea! Do we have to join to be able to participate?

I was already planning to try something an even bigger reason to be creative! :)


Rosie said...

Hi Jennifer, we are an open blog here at S&SB, anyone and everyone can join in a bake and we welcome new people with open arms who wish to join us in our bakes. We don’t expect everyone to join in our bakes every month as life doesn’t always allow us. All we ask is if you have a blog and bake with us is to post your bake on your blog on posting day and link back to this site. Maria and I hope you will be able to join us with our Halloween bake this month and many thanks for calling by to visit us :D

Best wishes Rosie & Maria x

Anonymous said...

how cute! i'm so excited for halloween!

Rosie said...

Hi mysweetestday, both Maria & I are very excited about this Halloween bake! We are really looking forward to viewing everyone’s spooktacular cupcakes :)

Best wishes Rosie x

Sweetiepie said...

wow!those cupcakes are gorgeous and spooky too.:) I can't wait to try your recipe too..

Rosie said...

Hi Swetiepie, awe thank you! Have fun baking your spooktacular cupcakes and we are looking forward to posting day and the round-up here at S&SB :D

Best wishes Rosie x

Anne said...

These are just what I have been looking for - I am holding the family Halloween party this year and these will be perfect! I shall post the more succesful ones as icing is not my gift!

Rosie said...

Hi Anne, your Halloween party just sounds perfect for these cupcakes :) Have a great time!!

You can ice your cupcakes in any spooky style you wish be it fondant icing, buttercream, glace icing etc - looking forward to viewing your cupcakes on the 1st November.

Best wishes Rosie x

Arundathi said...

hi - i finished my bake - as i suspected my decorating skills are sadly lacking, but we LOVED the cupcakes! the family couldn't wait while I finished clicking photos! lol - thanks for a great time!

Rosie said...

Hi Arundathi, I am so pleased to hear you have completed your bake and well done!! Roll on the 1st for posting and viewing :)

I am one of my worst critics when it comes to my own decorating skills if I'm honest and I am sure your cupcakes will look spooktacular!

Rosie x

natalia said...

hi ! We finished decorating the cupcakes and had so much fun ! We can't wait to post them ! Thank you !

Rosie said...

Hi Natalia, I am so glad you enjoyed baking and decorating these fun cupcakes. We can't wait here at S & S B's to view everyone’s cupcakes on the 1st :)

Best wishes Rosie x

Anne said...

have just published mine as off work today :)

Bimmer said...

I've posted my bake on my blog!



Arundathi said...

published mine. thanks.

hannesofie said...

Thought I'd join the fun - just published a post about my spooky cupcakes.

Rosie said...

Thank you 'dear' friends for taking part in this month's bake :)

I will be working on the round-up and visiting your blogs this afternoon GMT *time* :)

Best wishes Rosie x

MiNDY said...

BOO! Happy Halloween
my spooktacular cuppies are here

Have a lovely week end.

Shirley said...

I just posted about my cupcakes.