Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Sweet and Simple Bakes Monthly-Round Up ~ Vanilla Apple Cake

This is our fifth baking challenge and wow it has been another huge success with all your amazing entries once again! All your cake entries look delicious and I hope you have enjoyed baking this wonderful recipe. We would like to thank everyone who joined us in this month’s bake and continue to support us in making Sweet and Simple Bakes the success it’s becoming.

Mindy @ Mindy's Deli

lilmizlynn @ Bites and Pieces

Precious Moments

Bimmer @ My Baking Blog

Nickki @ Vi's Pantry we don't have a Blog

Divya Vikram @ Dil Se

Arundathi @ My Food Blog

My Spicy Kitchen

Lisa @ Jersey Girl Cooks

Rei @ All That Matters

Natalia @ Gatti fili e Farina

Dani @ Sweet Treats

Jin Hooi @ Smell & Taste Are My Memory

Beth @Jam and Clotted Cream

Chawanmushi @ Cookbake Legacy

Rosie @ Rosie Bakes a "Peace" of Cake

Sowmya @ Creative Saga

Ivy @Kopiaste to Greek Hospitality

Patty from upstate NY, Hopkinton ~Non-Blogger

Patty from upstate NY, Hopkinton ~ Non-Blogger

Maria @ The Goddess's Kitchen

Shirley @ Spiced Like That

Cookie @ Happy Cup

A huge round of applause for all our Sweet and Simple Bake bakers this month – well done everyone!! If there are any late entries I will endeavour to add you to the round-up as soon as possible :o)

Could we please ask that we all take time to visit each other's blogs and leave feedback, thanks!


Jin Hooi said...

Opps.. looks like there is no link to my blog ;-))
Thanks for the great recipe and looking forward for this month baking challenge !!

natalia said...

Ciao ! I know it is silly but seeing all our vanilla apple cakes from everywhere gave me a nice feeling !

Rosie said...

Congrats & many thanks everyone for such a wonderful round-up once again here at S&SB.

My thanks also go to Maria this month for all your hard work and a lovely round-up post :)

Hugs Rosie xoxox

Anonymous said...

ooh, i thought 1st oct is the last date to post the cake... well, may be next time i will make it on time... :)

Rei said...

Hmm.. am I a little too late? :p

Maria said...

Rei your never too late ;o) I am adding your cake now!


Maria said...

My Spicy Kitchen everyone posts their bakes on the 1st of every month. Then we submit the next recipe and we give everyone a month to complete the bake.

Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Maria.... I was a bit confused when I saw the roundup. It could be the time difference thing. I posted my cake.

Arundathi said...

oops - its still the 1st here - i thought we were posting on the 1st! guess i missed the round-up deadline! it was a great cake, thanks for the recipe!

Maria said...

Arundathi you have not missed the round up, I am still waiting on people's entires.


Divya Vikram said...

I have posted my cake just now..Hope I am not late..

Maria said...

Hi Divya

Just added your cake to the round-up ;o)


Ivy said...

Hi Maria and Rosiee. Thanks for the lovely challenge and I loved this recipe.
Maria, I just realized that we had to post the recipe on the 1st of October. I thought until the 1st of October.

Maria said...

Hi Ivy
Thanks so much sweetie. No worries about posting your cake sooner:-)


Nickki said...

Hi Maria & Rosie, the cake has been blogged now. It was delicious, thank you for such a gorgeous recipe x

sowmya said...

good to see everyone's cake..it waas wonderful..looking forward to next bake though am not sure i can participate..we have two indian festivals this month..so busy with that..

Maria said...

Hi everyone
As you can see it's been another great month of beautiful bakes! Thanks to everyone and hope you will continue to join us in the fun here at Sweet and Simple Bakes. We have some fun bakes from now until Christmas, so watch this space!

Maria and Rosie

Bimmer said...

Hi Marie!

I am a day late! OMG, I was so busy I forgot to post it.

I hope you can still add it, if not, it's ok.

Here it is!


Maria said...


I have now added your cake to the round up. Thanks for taking part and I must say your cake turned out just beautiful!


lilmizlynn said...

I did baked the vanilla apple cake before Oct 1st but I was unable to post it by Oct 1st. Unfortunately I was quite dissapointed with my cake because it sank in the middle. :( You may like to check out from my blog..

MiNDY said...

Hi Maria and Rosie,
Sorry for not being able participate in this round. I baked the cake yesterday and loved it!


Thanks for the lovely recipe

Maria said...

Hi Mindy

Thanks for taking part and I have now added your cake to the round-up!