Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Sweet and Simple Bakes Monthly Bake ~ Snow-Flecked Brownies

I present this month’s round-up and what a roaring success it has been again. We would like to thank each and every one of you for another amazing round-up of entries; all your brownies look deliciously yummy. I hope you have enjoyed baking this recipe and will be joining us in our next Sweet and Simple Bakes.

*Unfortunately due to ongoing back problems, Rosie is still unwell and will not be joining us for a little while. I plan to manage S&SB each month and keep S&SB running as normal until Rosie is hopefully able to join us here once again, let's hope its soon! I do hope you will carry on supporting S&SB because you are what makes this blog a great place to visit and enjoy a spot of home baking each month.*

*If there are any late entries, I will endeavour to add you to the round up as soon as possible.*

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Usha @ MySpicyKitchen

Caroline @ Cake, Crumbs and Cooking

Julie @ Little Bit of Everything

Helen @ Half a Pot of Cream

Chele @ Chocolate Teapot

The Girl @ Living with a Boy

Katie @ Katiecakes

Tessa @ Cookin' Chemist

Natalia @ gatti fili e farina

Kelly @ Cooking the Books

Joanne @ Apple Crumbles

Rosie @ Books and Bakes

Sugar Plum @ VanillaStrawberrySpringFields

Lucie @ Cooking At Marystow

Chaya @ Sweet and Savoury Says It All

Lisa @ Lili in the Kitchen

Choclette @ Chocolate Log Blog

Mark @ Buttaz Blog

Maria @ The Goddess's Kitchen

A huge round of applause for all our Sweet & Simple bakers this month.

We would like to thank all our S&SB bakers for your continual support each month, you are what makes S&SB the success it is today and that hopefully continues to be in the future. We want to also say a very warm welcome to our new bakers who have joined us this month.

*Could we please ask that we all take time to visit each other’s blogs and leave feedback – thank you.*

Maria and Rosie xx


Federica Simoni said...

wow che meraviglia deliziosa!

♥Sugar♥Plum♥Fairy♥ said...

Thank u for the great round up Maria,waiting for Rosie to be well & with u soooonnnnn.
Thank u for another fantastic recipe-i actually wanna bake some more right away coz am so missing popping one in my mouth right now.
As usual am already excited to know whats next...i almost didn make it to this one coz my new ntbook was givn me trouble.
Thank u Maria,for yet another wonderfull recipe & am looking foward to ur next bake...lemme guess....xmas cookie in line???????????

lilmizlynn said...

Im still wondering, how cld I have missed this bake??? #$%@#$%!!! :(
Anyhoo, all the brownies looked wonderful and yummy!! I will bake it this weekend and post in my blog eventhou Im super late!!! Sorry ladies!

Heide M™ said...

These brownies look so inviting to eat. I bet these taste great.

iqbal said...

it seems delicious,,,

berlin catering fingerfood said...

What a beautiful selection of brownies. My favorite cake. I like it when they are a littlebit fluid and creamy inside. I love the photos!