Monday, 2 June 2008

Announcing Sweet and Simple Bakes Recipe Blog & Ultimate Double Chocolate Cookies

What an amazing month it has been here at Sweet & Simple Bakes with it being a complete New Event myself (Rosie) & Maria were quite not sure how many bakers we would have interested. You certainly have pulled out all the stops and shown just what great bakers you all are and wasn’t it fun with lots of banter going forth? We certainly enjoyed every second of it!! You are what makes this little community of ours great and the both of us would like to say a huge thank you for making last month’s event a great success!!

I did mention on my second to last post that we were working on a blog solely for recipes, we are now pleased to reveal that this is now live and ready to go!! The Cranberry & White Chocolate Flapjack recipe is posted on for your reference and also the NEW recipe for June. This month’s recipe is, Ultimate Double Chocolate Cookies and you can find the recipe [here] or click on the little badge cupcake on the right hand side saying for this month’s recipe and it will lead you to our new recipe blog.

I hope everyone will find this recipe easy to bake but if you have any questions or queries please leave your comment under this post and Maria and I will help in any way we can.

If you are a food blogger, we ask that you kindly write a post about your bake and link back to us at Sweet and Simple Bakes. Let us know that you completed the bake and we'll list all the blogs that accomplished the bake. If you don't have a food blog and care to share how it went, feel free to contact us at sweetandsimplebakes(at)goolemail(dot)com.

The posting date for this Bake of Ultimate Double Chocolate Cookies is 1st July please.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone’s entry and for another spectacular round-up hopefully.


Arundathi said...

i've never ever made a cookie before - this is gonna be a first. i can't wait! :-) yes, i'm truly a novice baker!

Maria said...

Hi arundathi

This is what Sweet and Simple Bakes is all about! So we welcome novice bakers with open arms and hope we can be a great help and part of your baking journey. Looking forward to seeing your cookie entry next month ;o)


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Ok so now I'll try again..The worst thing is that those flapjakes were incredibly good :-D so I didn't have even one to make other photos :-P
Ok I'll go for the next round up. This time I'll do hundreds of photos and immediately copy them in a cd :-D
Thanks for being so patient with me!

Rosie said...

Hi Arundathi, your flapjacks came out just great and I am SO pleased you are looking forward to baking cookies with us :) Please don't worry about being a novice baker and Maria has summed things up perfectly :)

Hi Silvia, those flapjacks were very yummy indeed!! I hope you enjoy baking cookies and yes take loads of pics *smile* I load mine onto my comp because it happened to me once!!

Looking forward to viewing both your entries 1st July :)

Rosie x

Chawanmushi said...

I'm all for this too :-)

Rosie said...

Oh that's great news Chawanmushi!! I can't wait until 1st July to view your cookies :)

Rosie x

Lisa said...

Hi Maria and Rosie,
Looking forward to making the cookies. My 6 year old will love them. Thanks for putting the oz equivalents. I am buying a kitchen scale for my baking so it should make things easier.

Rosie said...

Hi Lisa, I am so pleased you are looking forward to baking the cookies!! Awe those cookies are just perfect with a cold glass of milk and i'm sure your 6yr old will truly enjoy them :)

I'm still baking and cooking in oz....I haven't got used to metric myself in the U.K. I asked in a sweet-shop for 1/4 of sweets and the girl looked at me gone out lol
kitchen scale's are brilliant for baking which one's are you thinking of buying?

Rosie x

Maria said...

Hi Lisa

Looking forward to seeing your cookie entry and what kid wouldn't love these cookies!! I know my boys will love them ;o)


Shubha Ravikoti said...

Ohh I am in..... I love the double chocolate cookie... can i sink my teeth in it??

Shubha Ravikoti said...

I loved ur blog.. Iam here for the first time and I guess this sweet and simple bakes is for amateur bakers (or can i say still learning to bake) like me...:)

adding u to my blog list...

Maria said...

Hi Shubha and welcome to Sweet and Simple Bakes (yes this blog is aimed for newbie bakers or bakers who just can't get enough of baking). I hope you will be joining us in our next bake (cookies). If you have any questions, leave a comment and Rosie and myself will endeavor to answer and help.


Kelly-Jane said...

About to print it off - yum yum!

Dee said...

Hurray! One can never have too many choc recipes; kinda like shoes, don't you think? ;o)

I'm in, barring work emergencies!

By the way, your conversion chart just saved my macadamia cookies. I'm going to save the link in my blog under my baking must haves. Tks!

JillyB said...

I've just had a go at the cookies and they're yum. Will be blogging about them too!

Rosie said...

Hi Shubha, welcome and lovely to *see* you here with us :)

Hi K.J. wonderful & can't wait to view your cookies :)

Hi Dee, great news and I agree you can't have enough choccy recipes :)
Also good to hear Maria's chart came in useful too!!

Hi Jilly, wonderful, wonderful :)
I have left you a little message on the recipe site how to upload our badge and link it back on your site - hope this helps :)

Best wishes Rosie x

Dhanggit said...

oh this is my favorite, double choco cookies..this time i really hope i will make it :-)

i run out of time last month for the flapjacks :-(

Rosie said...

Hi Dhanggit, I do hope you can join in with us this month that would be really lovely sweetie :)

Best wishes Rosie x

giz said...

Hey ladies - I've completed the S&SB double chocolate cookies. Would it be okay if I posted on July 2nd - July 1st is Canada Day and the day that we'll all be posting our national pride recipes. Failing that I could combine the two but would hate to water down the importance of either one.

Arundathi said...

Hi - just a little question - can i substitute demerara for light brown sugar? i haven't been able to find light brown here.

Arfi Binsted said...

rosie, count me in! count me in!! it's close to my birthday!

Rosie said...

Hi Giz, so glad to hear you have completed the cookies – thank you :) I am sure it would be ok to post on the 2nd and full understand with it being Canada Day. Maria will be posting this month’s round-up and can’t wait to see all these lovely yummy cookies!

Hi Arundathi, awe I am pleased all worked out fine with the sugars! Looking forward to viewing your cookies soon :)

Hi Arfi, whoohoo great news – wishing you a happy birthday too :D

Best wishes Rosie x

Maria said...

Hi everyone

Sorry for not being around much lately. I have been away and it's been a busy time for me. I am looking forward to posting the round-up and viewing everyone's delicious cookies!


Rei said...

Hi there, I just baked this over the weekend. Would love to post an entry.


Maria said...

Hi Rei

Welcome and thanks for joining us in this month's bake. You can post your entry on 1st July ;o)

Looking forward to seeing your cookies!


sefa firdaus said...

Hi Ladies,

I'm a newbie here, but glad that I made it. Thanks for the recipe.

Here is my entry:
Ultimate Double Chocolate Cookies - Sweet & Simple Bakes

sowmya said...

posted mine now..

Arundathi said...

Just posted mine -

lakshmi said...

Both my friend and I tried it. We loved it :) - posted at

Nickki said...

Hi Ladies, that's my cookie recipe posted :)

Lisa said...

My cookies are bakes and posted on my blog. Thanks Rosie and Maria! My son is one happy boy!