Thursday 2 April 2009

NEWS~ Brand New Format for Submitting Monthly Bakes.

Hello to all our brilliant Sweet and Simple Bakers we have some breaking news for you here regarding submitting each month’s bake when completed.

After much contemplation between myself and Maria due to our own personal commitments, we felt that it would be in both our interests to review the way we both gather each month’s information for each Round-up. We also wanted to ensure that things run smoothly as possible for us all here at Sweet & Simple Bakes, which we hope you will fully agree with us on this matter.

What we propose for the future, each Baker at Sweet & Simple Bakes who completes the bake for the month will send an email to;
Add in subject: [Name of bake] for the round-up.
Your Name:
Your Blog Name:
Your Blog Link to the Baking Post:
A picture of your bake 200x200 pixels (if you’re not sure how to resize a photo we can do this for you.)

Non-bloggers may send in a picture of their bake to the above email id and we will include it in the round-up for that month.

*The posting date for the completed said bake of the month on your blog is as before 1st of the month*.

*The round-up will be 2nd of the month to ensure all entries have been sent in via our email – we wouldn’t wish to miss any of your creations*.

*The posting date for the new recipe for the said month will in future be 3rd of each month*.

We both would like to thank all our S&SB Bakers for your continued support at Sweet & Simple Bakes we do appreciate it, we also would like to thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Happy Baking!

Best wishes Rosie & Maria xx


Arundathi said...

that's a great idea. i was just thinking today what a chore it must be for you to go to each blog to do a round-up! this is going to be so much easier!

Ria Mathew said...

Hello Rosie & Maria!

Lovely idea!

Thanks a ton!! Just counting hours for the next challenge!!! :D


Anonymous said...

That is a good idea and will make it lot easier for you two when posting the round up, without any confusion.

natalia said...

That's great ! thank you !!

Illona said...

Will do! Thanks for all your efforts.

Uma said...

This is wonderful! Will send my next creation thru email! ThanQ :)

Unknown said...

cool!what a great idea :)

♥Rosie♥ said...

Thanks our S&SB Bakers, it will hopefully ensure the running of things will be smoother for us all.

Rosie & Maria xx