Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Sweet and Simple Bakes Monthly Round-up ~ Jammy Doughnut Muffins

Wow I can't beleive this is our sixteenth baking challenge here at Sweet and Simples Bakes and I must say it's been another amazing success with so many yummy Jammy Doughnut Muffin entries!! All your muffins look amazing and simply delectable! I hope you have enjoyed baking this recipe and will be joining us in our next Sweet and Simple Bakes.

We would like to thank all our S&SB bakers for your continued support each month and a very warm welcome to new bakers who have joined us this month.

*If there are any late entries, I will endeavour to add you to the round-up as soon as possible*.


Kelly @ Cooking the Books

Natalia @ gatti fili e farina

Rosie @ Books and Bakes

Jaya @ Jayaspace

Chele @ Chocolate Teapot

Caroline @ Cake, Crumbs and Cooking

Lynn @ Bites and Pieces

Lucie @ Cooking at Marystow

Brenda @ Tea and Wheaten Bread

Julie @ Little Bit of Everything

Natalie @ Snookys Recipe Doodles

Priya @ Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes

Tamil @ For Sweet Tooth

Becky @ Living with a Boy

Edith @ Precious Moments

Dips @ Centaur Cooks

Joanne @ Apple Crumbles

Minu @ Chettinad Fiesta

Bimmer @ My Baking Blog

Katie @ Katiecakes

Rosie @ Baking Cakes Galore

Maria @ The Goddess's Kitchen

A huge round of applause please for all our Sweet & Simple bakers this month.

Unfortunately our dear Rosie has done her back in again and asked me to do this month's round-up. She will visit everyone's blogs in due time!

*Could we please ask that we all take time to visit each other’s blogs and leave feedback – thank you.*

Maria and Rosie xx


Pari said...

All muffins are looking very cute.
I missed it this time.

Federica said...

che meraviglia!!! uno meglio dell'altro!! mmmmm....

The Girl said...

Wow look how many people entered this month!! Going to have to set aside some serious time tonight to visit everyone's blogs.

Well done everyone!!

Hema said...

I am a total fresher when it comes to baking.. but i am still interested at this event as it has no complicated recipes.. can u guide me thru the procedure to enroll, if there is one

Maria♥ said...

Hi Hema

A warm welcome to Sweet and Simple Bakes.

Every month Rosie and I present a tried and tested simple recipe, which everyone bakes. On the 1st of every month we all post our bakes on our own blogs *don't worry if you haven't a blog we will make sure your recipe is posted on this blog*.

We then kindly ask that you link your blog back to Sweet and Simple Bakes and please feel free to use our badge in your posts.

Each Baker at Sweet & Simple Bakes who completes the bake for the month is asked to send an email to; sweet2simple[at]googlemail[dot]com with the following:

Add in subject: [Name of bake] for the round-up.

Your Name:

Your Blog Name:

Your Blog Link to the Baking Post:

A picture of your bake 200x200 pixels (if you’re not sure how to resize a photo we can do this for you.)

Non-bloggers may send in a picture of their bake to the above email id and we will include it in the round-up for that month.

*The posting date for the completed said bake of the month on your blog is as before 1st of the month*.

*The round-up will be 2nd of the month to ensure all entries have been sent in via our email – we wouldn’t wish to miss any of your creations*.

*The posting date for the new recipe for the said month will in future be 3rd of each month*.

You can contact us by email

Thank you Maria and Rosie x

Pari said...

Hi Maria,
I could read in my reader you posting St. Clement's drizzle cake but the link just does not open. Pls check it out.

Maria♥ said...

Hi Pari

The St Clement's Drizzle Cake is up now!


Anonymous said...

Rosie, I feel terrible about your back. I know that can be very painful. You get better quickly and that is an order.

You did a great job, this month. Lots of really good recipes.

Kudos to you and Maria. Both of you give yourselves to all of us.