Friday, 2 January 2009

Sweet & Simple Bakes Monthly Round-Up ~ Christmas Morning Muffins

We would like to wish everyone here at Sweet & Simple Bakes, a very Happy New Year for 2009. We hope all your wishes and dreams come true!

We would like to thank everyone for all your support during 2008 here at S&SB and we do hope that you will continue to support us in 2009. A warm welcome to new bakers who have joined us this month and it's really lovely to *meet* you!

We hope for those of you that celebrate Christmas and the New Year that you had a most enjoyable time, and found a little time to relax from the kitchen and pop your feet up!

This is our eighth monthly baking challenge here at Sweet & Simple Bakes. Although it appears a small gathering this month, (as we are all aware what a busy time of the year December can be for cooks and bakers), we have gorgeous entries of muffins to show you in our round-up. Many thanks to all who joined us in our bake this month!

*If there are any late entries I will endeavour to add you to the round-up as soon as possible.*

Here we go with our gorgeous round-up of Christmas Morning Muffins .........

lilmizlynn @ Bites & Pieces

Maria @ The Goddess's Kitchen

Min @ Bad Girls Kitchen

Sherry Trifle @ sherrytrifle-lovelycats

Starningblue @ Derry Lou Aromas

Natalia @ Gatti Fili e Farina

Cookie @ Happy Cup

A huge applause for our Sweet & Simple Bakers with their stunning muffins and congratulations on completing another challenge ~ well done!

*Could we please ask that we all take time to visit each other’s blogs and leave a comment. ~ Thank you!*

Rosie & Maria xx


Min said...
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Min said...

Here is take 2 of my muffin-baking:

Perhaps this time my pic & link will be added to the roundup?

thanks for hosting the event.

Rosie said...

Hi Min,

I had difficulty accessing your blog today and it locked up my P.C. not sure why?? I got a little box come up with a notice saying:- Stack overflow at line 353. I was unable to save a pic but in the end I have got round this by print screening a shot of your lovely muffins. I was also unable to leave you a comment on your bake as I always ensure each person that has baked receives a comment.

Please except my apologies for adding your pic late to the round up, we post 1 pic of everyone’s bake who has submitted an entry that month and we value everyone’s bakes here at S&SB.

I even tried to access your blog by clicking on your name and this is what came up :-

*The Blogger Profile you requested cannot be displayed. Many Blogger users have not yet elected to publicly share their Profile.*

Many thanks for partaking in this month’s bake and your muffins do look wonderful, I do hope you will be able to join us in our next bake : 0)

Best wishes Rosie x

Rosie said...

Hi Min, great minds think a like ;) I was just adding your pic to the round-up as you posted your last comment.

Best wishes Rosie x

Min said...

Ooh sorry you had troubles. who knows what's going on with my blog, but my profile isn't public, so my name wouldn't get you there anyway. I guess I was surprised when my post went up at 6:AM today, but I didn't see a mention at all, all day.

Thanks so much for hosting a lovely event.

Amu... said...

Fantastic round up as usual Rosie and maria....Sorry could not partake in this months you would have guessed...been the busiest season so far...worked lie 30 hours non stop sometimes to keep up with christmas and new year orders...but baked some new stuff at will update them soon...

But lovely work gals...and greats Job all participants...

Rosie said...

Hi Min, we got there in the end that's what matters :0)

Hi Amu, I do hope you can take things a little easier now *phew* 30 hrs non stop, you poor thing!!

Best wishes Rosie x

lilmizlynn said...

Hi Rosie and Maria, Happy New Year to you both.

I bake the muffins and post in my blog but I think I forgot to email my link and my photo. Am I too late to email you? Or maybe just include my link without the photo, is fine with me...

Maria♥ said...

Another great round-up. Everyone's muffins are gorgeous and delish!


Rosie said...

Hi lilmizlynn, it's never too late to add to the round-up - your lovely muffins are added to the round-up :)

Happy New year to you too!

best wishes Rosie x

Rosie said...

Hi Maria, many thanks for adding your wonderful muffins to the round-up :)

I hope you are feeling much better!!

Rosie x