Friday, 1 August 2008

Sweet & Simple Bakes Monthly Round-up - Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

This is our third baking challenge here at Sweet & Simple Bakes and what a great success it has been again, many thanks to everyone from both myself and Maria for making it such a great round-up! It’s been a perfect recipe for baking something quickly and for using those ripe bananas that lurk in the fruit bowl that everyone seems to avoid. We hope that you all enjoyed baking your muffins as much as we did and hopefully will return to this recipe as a tried and trusted one many times.

Without any further ado and in no particular order & drum roll please is our round up for this month’s bakers.............
sefa firdaus @ Food is Love

lilmizlynn @ Bites & Pieces

Natalia @ gatti filie farina.

Mindy @ Mndy’s Deli

Nickki @ vi pantry we dont have a blog

Serena @ Rock Cakes

Beth @ jam and clotted cream

Chawanmushi @ cook bake legacy

Crumbs @ cake crumbs and cooking

Bimmer @ my baking blog

Jilly @ 2 drumsticks and a bottle of wine

Lisa @ jersey girl cooks

Arundathi @ My foodblog

Maria @ The Goddess's kitchen

A huge round of applause for all our S.S.B bakers this month – well done everyone!! If there are any later entries we will endeavour to add you to the round-up :)

Rosie & Maria x


Dani said...

great work everyone! the pics are making me hungry :)
maybe mine will do the same for you all

Rosie said...

Hi Dani, oooh wonderful news!! I will visit your blog and add your bake to the round-up :)

Many thanks for partaking this month.

Rosie x

Maria said...

Another wonderful round up and I am happy everyone loved this recipe, which is a fav in my home. Thanks for taking part and making every bake so enjoyable. Looking forward to our next bake ;o)


Dani said...

sorry, i meant the treats on my site... i didn't know about SSB early enough to do this one, but i will be all in for the next one :)

sefa firdaus said...

Hi Ladies,
Finally mine is up. Sorry to post it late (but it's still August 1st in Germany).

Here is the link:
Banana Chocolate Flake Muffins - Sweet & Simple Bakes.

Thanks, and great round-up btw ;)

Arundathi said...

thanks for the round-up and the recipe! can't wait for the next recipe!

Chawanmushi said...

Wow ...what a great round-up!
Thanks for the effort too.

sowmya said...

everyone's muffins looks beautiful..looking forward to your next bake!!

Rosie said...

Thank you everyone for your outstanding bakes and for an amazing round-up you all amaze me with talents for baking - I am SO proud of you all - well done!!

Sefa I have added you to the round-up :) Your muffins look delicious -drool.... I am having problems with your web page opening atm not sure why must be the gremlins at work... I will comment when this resolves ;)

Rosie x

Psychgrad said...

Great job everyone! Makes me want to make them all over again.

In terms of our names, it's Giz and Psychgrad. Psychgrad (that's me) made these muffins - but we both participate. :)

Rosie said...

Hi Psychgrad, ahh thanks.

I am sorry I didn't include your name in the round up it's totally my fault. I will amend it asap and get your name included, I hope you'll forgive me....

Best wishes Rosie x