Thursday, 15 May 2008

Baking Tips

Question: Why does my fruit sink to the bottom of my cake?

Answer: The mixture will be too slack or the fruit to large or syrupy like glace cherries. Glace cherries need to be washed, dried thoroughly then chopped into quarters, tossing them in a little flour can also help to prevent them sinking to the bottom.

Question: why do my cakes sink?

Answer: The oven door opened to early to check if baked, try to leave checking until the bake is at least three quarters passed the time of baking, (do not slam the oven door shut when closing on a bake that isn’t yet quite cooked). Too much baking powder added can also cause this effect.

Question: How can you tell if a cake is cooked?

Answer: If it’s a sponge cake you will notice a slight shrinking around the sides of the tin, it should when lightly touched feel springy to the touch. The colour will be a pale golden brown.

Answer: If it’s a fruit cake a fine skewer inserted into the centre of the cake should come out clean without any mixture clinging to it. The colour should be a light brown for a light fruit cake and a darker brown for a traditional cake i.e.: wedding fruit cake, Christmas fruit cake etc.

Question: Why do my cakes tend to feel dry?

Answer: Baked in the oven to long, too much baking powder, not used and or stored away as soon as the cake is cool.

Question: Why does my cake stink to the tin when baked?

Answer: Ensure the tin is lined correctly with greaseproof paper or non stick baking paper. Make sure the cake is cooked through properly before removing from the oven. Leave the cake to cool for the amount of time as per recipe before turning out onto a cooling rack to finish cooling. Ensure the ingredients are measured correctly and mixed thoroughly as per recipe.

Question: Why do my cookies go soggy?

Answer: Not thoroughly cooled enough on a cooling rack before storing in an airtight container. Store them on their own and not with other cakes as fruits from other cakes will give off moisture and make you cookies go soggy.

Question: Why do my cakes crack on the top when baking?

Answer: The oven too hot or placed to high in the oven to bake, the top of the cake forms its crust to early and as the cake continues to rise it cracks the top open.

Question: Why do my cakes burn on the top without them being cooked in the middle?

Answer: The oven temperature too hot (see equipment about ovens) Too long in the oven and over baked. Cake may need covering over the top with baking paper to help elevate burning i.e. long baking of a fruit cake in the oven. Not placed in the correct position in the oven most bakes are placed on the middle shelf except for when a recipe calls for something different.

We will be adding more tips along the way :)

Happy Baking!!


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Good evening darlings!
Do you know that every single answer you have given is precious to me..I have pratically all those problems in the same baking session :-D
Thank a lot ..this we I'll try with the recipe ..wish me good luck :-P

MrsB said...

I love your tips they are so useful! I think even the best bakers must have bd baking days somedays and these tips are so important to remeber!

sowmya said...

Nice useful.. love your blog...added it to my blogroll so that I visit frequently...

Rosie said...

Hi Sllvia, Mrs B & Sowmya, wonderful to *see* you all popping by - thank you :)

I do agree about having bad days when baking, it happens sadly at times. I am pleased to hear that the tips I posted will be of value and I for one never stop learning.

I am wishing you much luck Silvia with this month’s bake, but I am sure you will pull this bake off without any sweat :)

Thank you sowmya for adding our little blog to your blogroll and hopefully the word will spread :)

Best wishes Rosie x

Anonymous said...

Nice tips, very useful :) Thank you

Nickki said...

Great baking tips, Thankyou!

Dee said...

Would you believe I've never had flapjacks before? Thank you for the recipe; the FJ's were too yummy for words! I'll be posting my recipe on the 1st then. That is, the first in Malaysian time. Is that okay?

Maria said...

Dee that is perfectly fine, we look forward to seeing your flapjack entry ;o)


Anonymous said...

This food blog seems a load of rubbish, you both need to work much harder on this project.

All I can say is "must try harder" !

Sweet & Simple Bakes said...

Hello Anonymous,

Welcome to our blog and thanks for taking the time to comment. We are sorry that you think our blog is not up to your standards. Sweet & Simple Bakes is a new venture and still in its infancy. However, this blog is open for everyone to enjoy but unfortunately we cannot please everyone all of the time.

Antonia said...

Great tips - thank you! I had a baking disaster yesterday with a whisked sponge and it wasn't easy to find a good 'troubleshootig' guide for baking. I'll be referring back to this, I am sure.

(And just ignore that horrible anonymous comment - how unpleasant!!)

Rosie said...

Hi Antonia, sorry to hear of your baking problems and it happens to the best of use believe me - I've had a few in my time too....

Lovely to *see* you here and great to here you'll be referring back to us :)

Rosie x